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Do I have to take off all my clothes to get a massage?

Not at all. Some services such as hand or foot massage only require you to roll up your sleeves or pants leg and remove your shoes and stockings. But remember that for optimum results, direct skin contact is best. So for a general full body massage, you should undress to your level of comfort. According to law and massage ethics, you will be draped using a sheet or large towel. Only the area of your body that the therapist is directly working on will be uncovered--except for your face, of course.  Areas that must remain draped at all times are genitals and buttocks, and in case of females, breasts. Your personal wishes in this area will always be respected and honored.

Does it hurt to get a massage?

Massage generally starts with a lighter pressure and as your muscles relax, the pressure is slightly increased.  With any treatment there is the risk that a therapist may inadvertently hit a sore spot. That's why it is very important for you to communicate with your therapist. Let your therapist know how much pressure feels right for you. If you have knots or trigger points, your therapist will ask how you want to handle them. If you want to try to work them out, there may be some mild discomfort involved, but your therapist will make sure to stay within your limits. If you just want to relax, your therapist will keep the pressure as light or as deep as you wish.
What do I need to do for my first visit?

Plan on an extra fifteen minutes for your first appointment.  During this time, you will be asked to fill out a short health questionnaire and you will discuss with your therapist your expectations, needs, and massage options you may want to consider.  For everyone's comfort, please remember to shower the morning of your massage.  Ladies should wear as little make-up as possible and gentlemen who shave should remember to do so that day.  Everyone needs to leave valuables at home: jewelry, purses, cell phones, pagers, etc.  Back to Basics will not be held responsible for these items. 

Why do you need my health history?

While therapeutic massage is generally very safe and effective, there are some situations which could make it inadvisable.  Your wellness is of primary concern, so your therapist needs to be aware of any potential risks.  For instance, if you had a blood clot in your leg, it would not be prudent to either massage directly on that area or to stimulate fluid movement.  Either action could possibly free the clot and make it even more dangerous to your health.

How will I feel after my massage?

Every person is different and different types of massage can produce different results.  Some common aftereffects reported include deep relaxation, mental and physical rejuvenation, and a slight feeling of euphoria.

How often do I need to get a massage?

It depends on your needs and desired results.  For some who experience chronic pain, once per week works well.  For others who just need to relax or "work out the kinks", once a month may be plenty.  Some situations may be better suited to start once a week and gradually increase the time between massages to once a month.  

Is it acceptable to tip a massage therapist?

Gratuities are acceptable and appreciated. However, tipping is not mandatory and will not affect the quality of your treatment in any way.
Can I purchase a massage for someone else?

Yes, gift certificates are available.  Please note that gift certificates are redeemable for the service specified on the certificate and have no monetary value.  They also have an expiration date and can not be redeemed after that date.

Do I have to make an appointment?

We make every effort to accommodate walk-in clients during our normal business hours.  Pre-scheduled appointments do take priority.

The contents of this site are for informational purposes only. Nothing herein is intended to diagnose illness or disease or prescribe treatment of any ailment or disease. Massage therapy is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment provided or supervised by a medical doctor. If you have any questions about whether therapeutic massage is right for you, please contact your medical doctor.