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2613 E. Center St.
Kingsport, Tn 37664

Phone: 423-245-BACK (2225)

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At Back to Basics, we offer unsurpassed personal service, a peaceful healing environment, and convenient scheduling.

See us if
you suffer from: 

-Sports related stresses and strains                        
   -Muscle tension                                                             
   -Impaired mobility                                                       
   -Muscle soreness and pain                                         
   -Muscle spasms                                                              
   -Repetitive motion injuries                                      
   -The negative effects of aging                                   

-Stress and anxiety                                                       

Our initial consultation is always free! Don't you deserve to find out if our therapies are right for you?

Our Promise To You

We will provide services to the best of our abilities within our scope of practice.  If you are honestly not satisfied with your service, you will not be charged.  See reception desk for full details.

2613 E. Center St.
Kingsport, Tn 37664

Phone: 423-245-BACK (2225)

Samantha Irwin, LMT
Jason Spoon, LMT
Amber Russell, LMT 


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